About production


The production of products begins with the purchase of raw materials. We purchase polyester yarn of the best quality from foreign manufacturers, with whom we have been cooperating for several years. We are confident in the quality of the purchased raw materials. However, all purchased raw materials pass the incoming quality control. All purchased raw materials are stored in proper conditions until the start of the polyester tape production line. The equipment used for production ensures the uniformity of the woven tape and the absence of any defects.




We only use whole pieces of polyester tape during the production of the tie straps. We do not allow the use of spliced or stitched tape pieces in the production. Tailoring of any type of product is carried out using threads, the seams from which have a total strength not lower than the tape itself. The seams are made on a special automated machine. This ensures the strength of the product, and also prevents the seam from unraveling if even one stitch rips.

Due to the complete automation of the sewing process, a perfectly smooth and high-quality seam is achieved. We install the largest number of accessories on a lashing belt used to tie down wheeled vehicles to transporters. It uses a tensioning device, three hooks, and anti-friction plastic pads (to prevent the belt from slipping off the wheel of the transported vehicle). During the fastening of the fittings, we mark the products with tags containing information about the product. The tags are made and printed on special equipment, which makes it possible to obtain a high-quality and wear-resistant tag. 


The tape, produced on our equipment, has a weave that prevents unraveling or tearing of the tape in the event that any thread is damaged. Each stage of the production is monitored by our specialists, from the installation of packages with polyester thread on the warping stand, to the exit of the finished production.



After the polyester tape is woven, it goes to the finishing line. There it exposed heat shrinring and dyed. The coloring of the tape is carried out with dispersed dyes of the polyester group according to the technology provided for in the Technical Conditions. Dyes and tape dyeing technology do not affect the threads and do not have a negative impact on the environment. After dyeing, the polyester tape undergoes a relaxation stage in storage for the final elimination of internal stresses and is wound into rolls for storage and further sale, or enters the production of lashing belts, towing belts, belts for car transporters.





Our company has recently mastered the production of an elastic braided cord consisting of a multi-core latex core and a braided polyester braid, which, due to the properties of polyester, provides maximum protection of the elastic element from destructive mechanical stress during operation.

Weaving is carried out in such a way as to ensure the strength of the outer cover and its integrity even in the event of a break in several strands. The process is automated, which ensures uniformity and excellent weaving quality.

In addition to the sale of braided elastic cord, polyester tape and products made from it, our company sells accessories for lashing belts and towing cables. Hooks from round bars (welded or not), cast hooks and carabiners, ratchet fasteners (tie devices), plastic pads for belts of auto transporters. In the manufacture of a tow rope, cast hooks with an eyelet, or welded half rings for further connection of carabiners, are fixed on a polyester tape at both ends. By purchasing our products, you will be satisfied with the quality and service. Our regular customers can count on a flexible system of discounts!